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Swim lessons so ground breaking, we had to invent a name for them. Swimtastic®!

Swimtastic Swim School makes learning to swim fun. Since 1996, our professional teachers have used unique teaching methods to help infants, children, and adults learn to swim.

Parents appreciate our easy registration, flexible class times, small class sizes, individual attention, and professional, loving staff. And kids love our warm water pool, water slide and palm tree shower, which create a comfortable environment where they can relax, learn to swim, and have fun.

Experience the difference at Swimtastic Swim School, where "Smart Fish Swim in Schools."

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Swimtastic Founders: Susan & Barrett

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Swimming lessons made easy, just for you.

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  • The Swimtastic Distinction

    about swimtastic swim school

    Why do infants, children & adults consistently excel at Swimtastic Swim School? The answer lies in our roots...

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    Treading beyond swim lessons... even more opportunity awaits!

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  • Swimtastic Founders: Susan & Barrett

    Adult Aqua Pilates!

    Stay fit, stay trim - lose inches off that stomach line! Swimtastic Aqua Pilates for adults! Sample a free trial class today!

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  • Swimtastic Founders: Susan & Barrett

    Client Testimonials!

    Curious to see what others say about their experience at Swimtastic? View first-hand perspectives from real clients here.

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  • Swimtastic Founders: Susan & Barrett

    Stroke Clinics!

    One-hour intensive clinics designed to provide an added skill boost to help any student conquer a particular swim stroke.

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  • Swimtastic Founders: Susan & Barrett

    Swim Team!

    Swimtastic's Recreational Swim Team improves stroke technique & swimming endurance plus much more!

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  • Swimtastic Founders: Susan & Barrett

    Open Family Swim!

    Family swim is held each and every week! Practice your new swim skills, swim freely, and enjoy our 90 degree water!

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